Is there anything we can do to “fix” British politics?

British politics is a mess and the political system seems to be flawed in several respects. Britain has no codified Constitution and House of Lords reform is, in my view, long overdue. The fact that members of the House of Lords, Britain’s second chamber, are unelected is quite frankly staggering when we consider that it is 2014. However, to me it seems as if the political system in this country is so well embedded that we take the approach of leaving it be. It is almost as if we accept the imperfect nature of British politics and continue to work within this system because we have done so for so long. Yet, Westminster politicians wonder why the public has, on the whole, become so widely disillusioned. Isn’t it obvious? The current state of affairs is depressingly unsatisfactory.

I have become completely fed up of watching “Question Time” on the BBC. Every week it is the same old story, we see a panel of politicians facing up to questions from the audience. Yet, they never address any of the questions head on, at every opportunity they choose to have a swipe at their political opponents in a pathetic attempt to divert attention or blame over as many issues as possible. I get the impression watching “Question Time” that politicians dread appearing on the show and that the worst possible result of their appearance is being forced to say something honest. More, a successful appearance on “Question Time” is to somehow discredit a member of another party.

It is pathetic and it depresses me, nobody seems to want to achieve anything meaningful. The art of being a modern politician is the art of survival; re-election is everything. It is because of this that “Question Time” is approached in such an incredibly small minded way by modern politicians. Consider this; we pass a law that bans re-election of Members of Parliament, i.e. once elected, an MP serves one term (five years) and at the end of those five years, their time is up. This would take away the obsession with re-election and make the “Question Time” panel one made up of politicians saying what they actually think rather than constantly trying to get one over on each other. It would also make the position of being an MP immensely less partisan, the knowledge that you would no longer be an MP in five years would nullify the threat of losing party support. Maybe, just maybe, politicians would set out their stall to achieve something meaningful within their five year term and actually do this country some good.


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